Injection Sclerotherapy

This is useful for treating bleeding haemorrhoids.  Some Surgeons prefer this technique for first and second-degree haemorrhoids – those that don’t prolapse much outside the anal canal.  It can be very useful where the bleeding is severe.

It is usually very safe and painless.

The injection is given through a proctoscope and is usually carried out in the Doctor’s office.  No Anaesthetic is required.

The Doctor visualises the haemorrhoids and injects with a special syringe and needle, Phenol in almond oil.  Only a small volume is used 2 or 3 mls.  The injection is placed just above the haemorrhoids under the lining of the bowel, not too deeply so as to avoid inflammation in adjacent organs.

Sometimes one haemorrhoid is injection or sometimes two to three depending on circumstances.

The patient is usually reviewed three weeks later to assess the results.  A further injection may be necessary.

The risks of this procedure are fairly low, but as with all procedures care needs to be taken.

Infection is a remote possibility; ulceration and bleeding are other remote possibilities.