Pruritis Ani

This means itchy bottom.

This is a very common annoying condition for which the cause is not certain.

It may be associated with other conditions such as haemorrhoids, eczema or psoriasis.

Usually there is no obvious reason but stress and excessive moisture as from sweating have often been blamed.  It may be worse at night and worms can sometimes be blamed, particularly in children.

After examination has excluded other problems treatment is commenced.

a)      reassurance

b)      keep the area dry and clean – use soft toilet paper and do not rub hard

c)      betnovate cream.  This can be applied once or twice a day for short periods of up to a week.  It is a Cortisone cream, which is    quite effective in the majority of cases – particularly in the short term

d)      drying agents such as a Prantal powder can be very useful

This condition of itching is very annoying, not serious but can be difficult to treat.